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My Daily Breakfast - Seasons of Change

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Life and business is like the changing seasons
Winter follows Fall
Spring follows Winter
Summer, Harvest.
The seasons are set.
You can't change those.
But here's what you can do,
You can change yourself!

Learn how to handle the Winter.
The Winter always come.
All of us can become wiser than we were yesterday,
Wiser than we were last week,
Wiser than we were a month ago,
You're gonna leave here wiser,
because you've been here for these two days,
Listening to the testimonials, listening to the trainings
You'd be wiser, because you've met each other,
You will remember this occasion
and you will remember what you heard
and you'll remember what you saw
and you'll remember how you felt
and it will continue,
Look how many people has been attracted at this level to the Herbalife opportunity

Learn to take advantage of the Spring
Spring is called opportunity
Winter doesn't last forever,
Spring always come!
There's just a handsful of Spring, that's been given to each of us
Take advantage of everyone
At the longest life is breath
Take advantage of every needed
Take advantage of every opportunity to talk to someone
Take advantage of every chance to express yourself and give someone a chance to join the Herbalife opportunity
Learn to value life in all of the precious moment
Take note, lean forward, Get everything u can while the opportunity is here
because the windows open and thennn
it closes
For every time the sun comes up, take advantage of that day
Because life is breathe at the longest

The third seasons is the season of Summer
Two things are important in the season of Summer
Number one that is to give life to your value
Give life if you found out the garden, now you've got to give it nourishment
Give life to your value
Once you've got a Herbalife customer, now you've got to give them light,
by giving them your attention
giving someone not just a time, but also your attention
Like  a mother that gives life to a baby
Now she nourishes them, now she feeds them, now she takes care of it
If you've been so far to have now a Herbalife organization, i'm asking you to breath life into it like a mother
Nourishes and feed it like a mother, Put everything you've got into everything you do
Believe in each other, believe in each other, believe in Herbalife and its opportunity to the future

And Here's the last seasons, the seasons of harvest
Harvest does not come to those who did not plant,
All those months ago called the Spring.
Harvest does not come to those that hope,
Harvest does not come to those that wish,
Harvest does not come to those who had their fingers crossed,
Harvest only come to those who had planted, that did the job,
That told the stories, that gave the invitation, that conducted the meeting.
If you'll take the risk and talk,
If you'll take the risks and go,
If you'll take the risks and served,
If you'll take the risks and given opportunity to someone,
If you'll take a risks and get on an aeroplane,
If you'll take a risks and go see the people,
If you'll take a risks and conducted a meeting,
I promises time unfold, your harvest will come!!

The Lesson of the seasons
1- To hang in there when the nights are long. Hang in there when the winter are tough.
2- Take advantage of the Spring. Take advantage of the chance to hand somebody the Herbalife opportunity and see what kind of miracle might come from that. Take advantage!
3- In the Summer, look over your organization, like a shepherd would look over the flock of the sheep. Take care of it, as a leader should. Here's the key phrases in Herbalife, let your distributors "borrow your eyes" to see into the future, things they cannot at first see. Let them borrow your vision!

Learn the lesson of the proven. You cannot change the seasons. They are set. But here's what you can do.
You can change Yourself!!


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Today I shall be refined in my speech and will utter neither evil speech nor obscenity. Also, I shall not backbite.
Today I will be particular about my bodily cleanliness and appearance.
O' past that has departed away and is gone, I will not cry over you. You may not see me remembering you, not even for a moment, because u have travelled away never to return.
O' future, you are in the realm of the unseen, So i will not be obsessed by your dreams. I will not be preoccupied about what is to come because tomorrow is nothing and has not yet been created.